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Special Holiday Offer at ChickieGirlCreations Etsy Store!!

Well, I'm back making some more promotional posts. Happy to say I have a good offer going on at the moment ...

Starting now, I am offering 10% Off my entire shop for the month of December!! Just enter the code ~ Dec10Chickie ~ to get the discount.

You can see my newest items in my store on the posts below. Just click on an item and it will take you there. :-) I have some fun new holiday hairsticks. These can (as all my hairsticks can) also be used as fun and festive shawl pins too!

Take advantage of this sale, stop by ChickieGirlCreations and do some holiday shopping! ~Thank you! :-)
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Got Sticks?

Here are some of the latest hairsticks at ChickieGirl Creations Etsy Store. (click on the pic)  Take a peek at my profile to see how I make my sticks from start to finish. Thank you! :)

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(no subject)

Here's a new set of earrings available at my Etsy Store!  ~ (click on the pic) ~ Also, today is the last day for free shipping so take advantage of it! :)

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Better Sticks

I've been rethinking materials that I've been using for my hairsticks. I am haunted by the question of how to make my sticks more durable. I've got the whole "purty" part of my design down, now I've got to improve the functional/durability aspect. One change I will be making is switching from birch wood to oak. Oak is a much harder wood than birch and I immediately noticed it once I started sanding. Though I just have to say, there is nothing wrong with birch in the least. It is a nice light weight and light colored wood. But for now, I really enjoy working with oak. I am also trying out a more rounded stick design. Not sure if I like it. I'll see how it goes.

Second change I am making is throwing out my 20g headpins. They just don't stand up to the challenge. Literally. So I am switching to steel wire. Stainless steel would be preferred, but I haven't found a source with the gauge that I need. So steel it is for now. Let's hope this works. Fingers crossed!

***ETA:*** Just reread what I wrote here, and I think I need to make myself a bit more clear. While I am not changing my mind about 20g headpins, I think I do need to say that they are not as *bad* as I made them out to be in my statement above. I have quite a few hairsticks that I've made for myself using the 20g, and they are fine. I just have to be *careful* when I wear them. They are not quite as flimsy as some beaded hairsticks I've used, but, they are not as strong as I'd like either. Of course, indestructable would be ideal, however, I doubt I will ever achieve that. Bottom line, no matter what wire/pin I use, beaded hairsticks are jewelry and must be treated with care. I am sorry if I've confused anyone with my rambling thoughts. I guess I am a little anal about being honest. :P Please fee free to contact me if you have any questions about my sticks. :)

Well, hopefully I can have some creative time to make more beads soon. I feel like making fall inspired beads and such. Autumn is in the air ... well not yet, but the nights are getting cooler, which makes me look forward to bright colored foliage, hot apple cider and feeling my cool red cheeks and fingers warm up from the heated mug ... ahhhh ... I do *love* autumn. Cheers! ^-^

ETA: I may be moving this journal to a new location. If I do, I will post about it here. :)
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